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Bernard Ingram

Native English speaking person with a Masters Degree in Science and 5 years experience teaching in Thailand teaching English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies and Health Education.

Bernard Ingram



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General Information & Contact

Demographic: South African, Male, 47 years old
Contact email:
Contact phone: 0895354720
Native language: English
Other languages: Afrikaans (Speaking: Fluent, Literacy: Fluent)
Portuguese (Speaking: Elementary, Literacy: Beginner)
Thai (Speaking: Elementary, Literacy: Beginner)

Employment history

  • Mini English Program and English Conversation Teacher

    Mattayom Watmaikrongtong School - Sri Maha Phot, Thailand
    Jun 2011 to present

    Teaching English conversation and Mathematics, Science, Social Studies and Health Education (Primary School). Preparation of lesson plans, classroom activities and tasks for students, class marks, tests and exams. Writing report cards and progress certificates. Preparation and facilitating shows, storytelling and speaking contests and English seminars. All 5 students tutored in a recent regional English Speaking competition achieved gold.

  • Senior Geologist

    Council for Geoscience - Pretoria, South Africa
    Feb 1998 to Dec 2010

    Geological mapping (field work), map making, writing of reports, interaction with the public, presentations at conferences, writing scientific articles


Educational qualifications

  • Master of Science (1998)

    University of Port Elizabeth - Port Elizabeth, South Africa

  • Bachelor of Science Honors (1995)

    University of Port Elizabeth - Port Elizabeth, South Africa

  • Bachelor of Science (1994)

    Geology, Geography
    University of Port Elizabeth - Port Elizabeth, South Africa


Personal Statement

Having a Thai wife, been living and teaching in Thailand for 5 years I am comfortable with Thai culture and teaching schools students.


Other Skills and Hobbies

Fully skilled in using computers and multimedia in the classroom.


Employment Requirements

Desired position: English or MEP or EP or Science or Maths Teacher
Availability: Available now
Wants to work in: Thailand
Requested salary: At least 40,000 per month
Work types: Fulltime

Help with visa, work permit and finding accommodation. Contributions from the employer to assist with accommodation, medical aid and/or insurance and a pension or provident fund. A yearly airfare would be a bonus.



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