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philippe herve

All my teaching experience has been in Thailand. I have been here for ten years.Worked for numerous organisations with contracts in Gov schools.

philippe herve



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General Information & Contact

Demographic: American, Male, 64 years old
Contact email:
Contact phone: 0875629210
Native language: English
Other languages: French (Speaking: Fluent, Literacy: Fluent)
Spanish (Speaking: Fluent, Literacy: Fluent)
Thai (Speaking: Advanced, Literacy: Beginner)

Employment history

  • teacher

    AYC Bangkok - Bangkok, Thailand
    Nov 2009 to Mar 2010

    teaching high school 22 periods a week at Suan Gulab

  • lecturer

    Suan Dusit University Hua Hin - Hua Hin, Thailand
    Jun 2008 to Oct 2009

    English for communication

  • teacher

    TLS Bangkok - Bangkok, Thailand
    Jun 2007 to Oct 2009

    teach communication for 2 contract schools


Educational qualifications

  • certificate (2004)

    How to teach ESL
    TEFL international - Phuket, Thailand

  • BA of Arts (1986)

    Art history, Drawing,and Oil painting
    UC Oregon - Eugene, United States of America


Personal Statement

All students i come in contact have one big weak point, and that is speaking ,and pronunciation.
they all have had years of grammar with Thai teachers but they still cannot speak.
So thats what i focus on .
All my lessons are geared to introduce a certain amount of vocabulary, and a Dialog on the subject we covered.
This dialog is acted in pairs the following week, and graded .
i don't need books or papers ,and all my tests are oral.
Students love it and are eager to show how well they can memorize dialogs.


Other Skills and Hobbies

internet , writing, philosophy.good food.


Employment Requirements

Desired position: Teacher
Availability: Available now
Wants to work in: Thailand
Requested salary: Unspecified

i am looking for smaller classes .I have found that over crowded classes which is always the case in Gov schools don't help students unless they are the better classes because of the great amount of disturbance with careless students.



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