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English and Geography Teachers Wanted

We are hiring English and Geography teachers for the May, 2019 academic year STARTING NOW.

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Rajini Foundation School
902 Moo 2
Khlong Khuean, Khlong Khuean, Chachoengsao (Thailand)



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Company: Rajini Foundation School
Location: Khlong Khuean, Khlong Khuean , Chachoengsao (Thailand)
Category: Secondary (Education jobs)
Listed: 02/05/2019
Type: Fulltime
Salary: At least 50,000 baht per month
Dear Educators:

We are hiring teachers for the May, 2019 academic year STARTING NOW. This will be the inaugural year of a grand school with a massive campus, many amenities and plenty of experience and support from sister campuses in Bangkok.
The campus is located in Khlong Khuean, Chachoengsao.
The campus is exclusively a girl’s school with education in year 7 the first year along with more year levels opening the following years. There are sporting facilities, computer labs, science labs, libraries, swimming pools, vegetable gardens, staff work rooms, staff lounges, staff apartments, student boarding, evening and weekend trips, as well as many activities offered to both students and staff members.

Teachers will be able to stay at the campus in the new accommodation free-of-charge. Meals will be included as well as free weekend activities. Teachers may also live off-campus and commute to school each day if they prefer.

Teachers’ Continual Professional Development is important to us. Our organization will respect your educational goals as well as offer additional support and programs including seminars, training, and other educational teaching methods for skill development.

As the school uses an international curriculum foreign teachers will run most of the lessons. The ratio is about 70% English 28% Thai and 2% Chinese. Teachers will be given a very detailed curriculum with accompanying topic lists, which correspond, to school dates and learning targets. Foreign lessons will be a combination of both book work, as well as indoor and outdoor projects for every subject. Excursions will further enrich learning and provide a better understanding of topics taught. Science labs, libraries, gardens, drama halls, dance rooms, and music rooms are available to engage the students and help them learn in a more thought-provoking cross-curricular way.

We are a licensed Cambridge International School, following the Cambridge curriculum. All teaching materials are from Cambridge International.

Foreign teachers will have approximately 5 lessons per week. Some evening and weekend duties will be necessary. Teachers are expected to keep an up-to-date lesson planning system and record keeping of students’ marks and learning outcomes progress. Teachers are assigned a classroom and students will rotate from class to class, allowing teachers to freely decorate and keep all materials in the same class for easy lesson planning and preparation. The classrooms are spacious with projectors, multimedia equipment, large white boards, air-conditioning, safety equipment and plenty of windows.


Salaries are paid 12 months per year without any deductions other than income tax once a work permit is obtained.
Extracurricular activities are voluntary.
Work permits are paid for and done in-house without agencies.
Visa service is available on campus.
Holidays are fully paid.
Contract bonuses and pay raises are available each year.
Medical insurance is offered to all staff.
Planning and teaching materials are included.


Necessary Qualifications:
Bachelor’s degree or higher with transcripts.
Teaching experience with references.
Strict but positive classroom management.
Ability to teach in a mixed ability classroom.
Experience with the Cambridge curriculum.
Knowledge of an ESL learning situation.
Some understanding of Thai culture and traditions.
Proper dress code and clean, presentable hygiene.
Willingness to travel with groups of students during excursions.
Ability to work some evenings and weekends.
Capable of adapting to an ever changing, challenging learning environment.
Ability to work with students outdoors and in creative ways.
Able to break through language barriers and explain necessary topic information.
A natural talent of engaging disinterested students.
An aptitude of record keeping and constant evaluation.
Methods of keeping classes calm and under control while having fun.

Head Teacher
Rajini Foundation School
+66 (0) 900932792

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