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Edcomasia Ltd.

This is the profile for Edcomasia Ltd. an employer based in Bangkok (Thailand). If this employer has any current Thailand job vacancies then they will be listed below.

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Edcomasia Ltd.
54/33 Moo 6 Bangkruay_Sainoi Road, Bangkruay
Bangkok (Thailand)


Employer name: Edcomasia Ltd.
Category: Education
Address: 54/33 Moo 6 Bangkruay_Sainoi Road, Bangkruay
Contact name: Edcomasia Ltd.
Contact phone: 6681 810 6926
Contact email:
Employer website:
Edcomasia Ltd. is a recruitment agency that provides qualified native English speaking teachers to accredited educational institutions within their respective country.

Furthermore, our management is made up of native English speakers who have many years of teaching and consulting experience.

With our expertise, we are able to help people who are either experienced, or have just graduated and looking for that first job to find a new and most exciting teaching experience.

Current jobs for this employer

Teach in gov't middle & high schools in Hanoi (start mid-AUG 2018) (12/07/2018)

Do you love teaching kids? If so, why not teach in Hanoi, Vietnam - a dynamic and emerging Tiger of Southeast Asia.