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This is the profile for Hannah an employer based in Chedi Kham, Chiang Kham, Phayao (Thailand). If this employer has any current Thailand job vacancies then they will be listed below.

Employer location

139 ngo quyen
Chedi Kham, Chiang Kham, Phayao (Thailand)


Employer name: Hannah
Category: Education
Address: 139 ngo quyen
Chedi Kham
Chiang Kham
Contact name: Hannah
Contact phone: 0906 480 341
Contact email:
Teaching experience at Brighton Language Academy
We have good training and a supportive team of local teachers.
We have motivated students, at the end of the day, you would feel good.
We have a lot of outdoor activities where we teach English through doing activities.
Flexible working schedule, the teacher needs to prepare for the class, but has the flexibility to enjoy your time if you don’t have class.

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