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Thatnaraiwittaya School

This is the profile for Thatnaraiwittaya School an employer based in Mueang Sakon Nakhon, Sakon Nakhon (Thailand). If this employer has any current Thailand job vacancies then they will be listed below.

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Thatnaraiwittaya School
606 Nittayo Road
Mueang Sakon Nakhon, Sakon Nakhon (Thailand)


Employer name: Thatnaraiwittaya School
Category: Education
Address: 606 Nittayo Road
Mueang Sakon Nakhon
Sakon Nakhon
Contact name: KrooOi
Contact phone: 6642970128
Contact email:
Employer website:
It is a big secondary school,3,200 students with English Program M.1-M.5. 647 kms from Bangkok.

Current jobs for this employer

Native English Teacher (11/04/2018)

To teach English conversation& communication at Thatnaraiwittaya School,Sakon Nakhon,Thailand (May 2018-April 2019)